The Press Department

The Press Department manages media coverage of major activities related to the Slovak foreign policy and of the MFA senior officials’ visits abroad. We assist in arranging international media coverage of foreign policy activities of the Slovak Parliament, the Office of the President, the Office of the Government and central administration departments through foreign correspondents and diplomatic offices. We coordinate, manage and review press and information activities of diplomatic offices, and provide them with daily and operational intelligence on internal political developments and foreign policy activities of the Slovak Republic.

The Press Department works closely with the Ministry’s Spokesman in preparing and issuing press releases for press agencies, print and electronic media. We coordinate media work with press attachés at the Slovak diplomatic missions abroad, particularly in connection with visits of the Slovak officials abroad and vice versa.
We assist members of international media in planning their working visits in Slovakia and arranging meetings with the Government officials. We provide accreditation for foreign journalists and assist them by creating working environment, including helping them arrange meetings with the official representatives of the Slovak Republic.


Address Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí a európskych záležitostí SR
Tlačový odbor
ul. Hlboká cesta 2
833 36 Bratislava 37
Contact email:
Head of Press Department Juraj Tomaga
+421 917 660 099
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